The Ultimate One Week Zanzibar Itinerary

My one-week trip to Zanzibar was nearly perfect. It ticked all the boxes: history and culture in Stone Town, relaxation in untouristy Jambiani Beach, and beautiful beaches and diving in Nungwi. It had a little bit of everything.

Zanzibar was so much more than I expected – it was otherworldly. From the snaking, medina-like streets to the celestial blue waters, I often felt like I was either time-traveling or in a beach resort commercial.

As the island is so incredible, I wanted to put together my recommendations for a one-week trip to Zanzibar.

Note that this is not a backpacking itinerary. When I first started planning my trip to Zanzibar, I wanted to stay in hostels for half of the trip and boutique hotels for the rest. Zanzibar doesn’t really have hostels, and doesn’t lend itself well to backpacking (I would argue East Africa in general doesn’t have much of

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