The world’s most overhyped and undervalued places ranked

The world’s most overhyped and undervalued places ranked By on Jun 27, 2023 in Asia, Attractions, Going Out, Indonesia, Regions, Worldwide

Discover where to go – and where to avoid – this summer! Travellers might want to think again about heading to Stonehenge. According to one underwhelmed Rough Guides reader, the famous prehistoric monument is “just a pile of stones”.

Indeed, when Rough Guides readers were asked to name the places that left them feeling flat (as well as the world’s most underrated places), they weren’t shy about voicing their opinions. Whether you agree or not, these ratings make for fascinating reading for any travel lover.

Four of the world’s top 10 underrated places are in South America whilst the world’s most undervalued country is (shh!) incredible Indonesia. Three of the world’s 10 most overhyped tourist spots, on the other hand, are in Paris

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