The Worst Parts of Traveling the World

Added by on December 3, 2018

Traveling the world is wonderful. Having the chance to explore the world, meeting new people, diving into new cultures, having the chance to see, hear, taste, and touch new cultures, new traditions, and absorbing all the fresh experiences is an amazing way to spend time and absorb knowledge – but it comes at a price. Traveling the world has its downsides, too, parts travelers don’t like to speak (and think) about – like the ones below.

Uncomfortable planes

Commercial airlines were probably created with profitability and efficiency in mind – not comfort, at least outside the first class. Unless you are able to upgrade, you’ll be stuck in a crowded metal box surrounded by fellow travelers that snore, burp, speak, laugh, complain, and move around non stop. And the planes themselves are often dirty, smelly, the food is often terrible, and the

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