These luxury hotels will open in 2021

These luxury hotels will open in 2021 By on Jun 19, 2021 in Accommodation, California, Europe, France, Hotels, Middle East, New York, North America, Regions, Resorts, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, USA, Western Europe

2021 is a year packed with transformation in the hospitality and tourism industry where landmarks become 5-star luxury hotels, and these luxury hotels are promoting destinations. The new luxury hotels to open this year target millennials and advocate advanced technological features.

These 5-star hotels have a mission to maintain a holistic and futuristic take on lavish living. Guests are avid travelers with high expectations and are always searching for something new. Keep reading to see how the tourism industry has been bringing dreams to reality.

Aman Hotel New York

Escape the bustle of Manhattan, New York, and renew your spirit with the Aman Hotel. Feel the history of New York in a

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