Things to Do and See in Milan

You just can’t go wrong when you choose to visit one of the chicest places in all of Italy. It isn’t always the first place you think of going when you want to visit, but it’s certainly somewhere unique and spectacular in its own right.

In this guide you’ll find plenty of ideas on what to see and do, as well as some travel tips to help you to get from A-B. Read on to learn more!

Enjoy Panoramic Views From the Duomo Roof

The Duomo Roof has been over 500 years in the making. The spiked gothic cathedral that is the Duomo has been compared to many weird and wonderful things, including a wedding cake and a ‘hedgehog’ (according to D. H. Lawrence).

The interior contains some incredible things but, for a truly magnificent experience, climb the 150 steps (or take the lift) to the roof. It’s here

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