Things to do in Karakol That Don’t Just Involve Hiking!

If you’re planning on travelling to Kyrgyzstan primarily to go trekking, chances are you’re going to pass through Karakol.

This city, which has more of a town feel, sits on the eastern shores of Issyk Kul and draws hikers from far and wide, but many travellers use Karakol as a quick pit stop and never really get to experience much of the town.

Things to do in Karakol

There may have been a time when there wasn’t much to do in Karakol, but the people in the tourism scene have been working hard to develop new experiences for travellers. Even coming back less than a year after my first visit (I took a day trip here during the World Nomad Games), I was surprised by how much more Karakol had in store!

They now offer free walking tours, cooking classes, traditional dinners with local families, and that’s on top of all the

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