Things to See in Alicante in 2017. Our Experience

The Internet is full of articles like this one. But I decided to write this post anyway in order give you a list of things to see in Alicante in 2017 based on our own very recent experience. I hope you’ll find it useful!

The view over Alicante from La Ereta Park

We stayed in Alicante for a few days to attend a WordPress conference. We traveled to Alicante by bus from Granada, where we had enjoyed two days of history and good food. As soon as we arrived in Alicante, we realised that this was a touristy destination where people come for the sun and beaches. But Alicante is much more than beaches and lazy walks along the promenade.

Castle of Santa Barbara

This is probably the most prominent landmark of the city. The castle is located on a cliff, and it is visible from many places in the city. The

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