Three-day trip to Pattaya for the Wonderfruit festival

Over the weekend, I was on a media trip to Pattaya. The main purpose was to experience the fourth edition of the Wonderfruit festival. The event is a celebration of the arts, music, food and a sharing of ideas. The organizers are big on recycling and sustainable living. During the weekend, the participants were also able to take part in a number of workshops. There were also, of course, mini concerts. During this trip we also visited a couple of new tourists attractions: “Kaan: The Journey Begins” and Frost Magical Ice of Siam. There were also a couple of old favourites: Nong Nooch Tropical Garden and The Sanctuary of Truth. The following photos were tweeted live during the trip.


This afternoon I’m wandering around the Wonderfruit festival at Siam Country Club in Pattaya. This event is far from your average music festival. It’s being

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