Thus Far Farm

Thus Far Farm is a sustainable family homestead at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We raise heritage breed beef cows, chickens, dairy goats and pigs; plus draft horses Hank & Harry. We are not fancy and we do not follow all the latest fads in agriculture. We just farm (and live) as naturally and simply as possible. Because small farms always need additional income and we live in a beautiful area, we also have lodging for guests. Our 3 bedroom cottage is very comfortable and has AC, TV, washer/dryer, etc – even unlimited wifi. Our tiny houses are totally off-grid. No electricity means no AC or TV. Everything else is there; just gas powered! Small refrigerator, cooktop, kitchen sink with hot water, standard shower with hot water and a heater for winter. All the fans and lights are battery powered; the ceiling fan runs on car batteries. Located on a small creek deep in the woods at the back of the farm property, these tiny houses are the best getaway ever! You can even pay extra for unlimited wifi there, if you just can’t stand being unplugged. We also have cabin tents in another part of

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