Time travel, slow travel and other African adventures

By on Dec 31, 2019 in Adventure Travel, Africa, Botswana, Congo, Kenya, Rail Travel, Regions, South Africa, Speciality Travel, Zambia, Zimbabwe

In the 21st century, life for many has taken on a pace that sometimes feels too busy and far too fast.  We are increasingly exposed to vast amounts of information, and although beneficial, this can lead to a sense of overwhelm. 

Current trends towards ‘digital detox’ and ‘slow living’ are indicators of a growing need to steady the perceived lightning speed of time.  These five unforgettable African adventures provide unique opportunities to slow down, unwind, and even travel through time.

1. Rovos Rail

Time travel really does exist.  Or, at least, travellers can adventure as if stepping back in time – to the 1930s on the Rovos Rail.  Each luxurious locomotive has a fascinating story originating in the early 20th century, setting the stage for an

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