Top 10 experiences on a Galapagos cruise

Though there are different ways of exploring the Galapagos Islands, it is generally agreed that taking a cruise cannot be beaten for those looking to maximise their time on the archipelago, and fully immerse themselves in the flora and fauna to be found here. But taking an expedition cruise in the Galapagos is quite different to traditional cruises in other parts of the world, so what can you expect? Here we outline our top 10 experiences of a Galapagos cruise.

1. Witnessing the evidence of remarkable evolution

The majority of visitors to Galapagos will have been drawn by the wildlife. The lack of natural predators here means the birds, mammals and reptiles here have little or no fear of man, allowing you to observe them in a very special way (whilst of course maintaining a responsible distance). But what is extra special about the wildlife here is what drew Charles

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