Top 15 cool and unusual hotels in Boston

This formidable force of a city is actually one of America’s oldest having being founded in 1634. The coastal-based Massachusetts capital has a proud past built on colonial roots and such fiercely defiant residents such as the Boston Tea Party (who wilfully and successfully protested against British rule). Today the city is a heady mix of the old and the new and its cobblestone streets, historic sights galore and characterful Boston Brownstones are juxtaposed with forward-thinking ideals and barrier-breaking ideas. A hip city which has way more to offer than just a place where Cheers was based, its streets are chock full of vibrant neighbourhoods, grand boulevards, cool cafés, excellent museums and beautiful landscaped public spaces just waiting to be explored. And that’s not forgetting it’s famously sports-obsessed locals who also equally thrive on the arts, music and culture. Its increasingly progressive vibe also ensures that it has a vast

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