Top 15 cool and unusual hotels in Dallas

Bold, brash, status-conscious but contrary to popular belief no oil of its own to speak of, ‘The Big D’ as it’s sometimes known, is a shiny and modern metropolis in North Texas, and the commercial and cultural hub of the region too. Known for its popular cliches of wealthy, consumer-driven Texan cowboys, being the site of the John F. Kennedy’s assassination and its contribution to popular culture most notably the American football team the Dallas Cowboys and their cheerleaders, and the eponymous 80’s TV soap which shone a world-world light on the city.

Juxtaposed with the vast wealth on display, mostly in the form of an upscale dining and shopping scene and towering skyscrapers, is a surprising – and increasing – hip alternative scene. Perfectly complementing the city’s cultural status and thriving art scene, cool and hipster-dwelling neighbourhoods are cropping up all over the city and there’s a flourishing creative and progressive

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