Top 15 cool and unusual hotels in Melbourne

The coastal capital of the Australian state of Victoria is Australia’s second-largest city, and Sydney’s fiercest rival. The bohemian, more liberal alter-ego of the business-driven capital has an increasingly progressive outlook, a huge range of vibrant character-filled cultures and a friendly, laid-back vibe that has seen it being labelled as one of the ‘world’s most liveable cities.’ Stylish, arty, unique but still with an ultra-keen eye on sport, Melbourne’s many visitors fall for its eclectic and oh-so-hip neighbourhoods, its narrow lanes lined with world-beating restaurants and lively bars, the fresh and inventive intentional cuisine, endless festivals and the deep reserves of cool. This is a city that doesn’t even have to try to be hip, is just is. It also has quite the collection of effortlessly cool places to stay, here are 15 of the most trendy and unusual hotels in Melbourne…

Notel – airstream trailers turned designer accommodation

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