Top 15 cool and unusual hotels in Seattle

A misty city which made a huge global impact in the early 1990’s when the Seattle grunge rock music scene exploded worldwide and gave us legendary rock bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Since then things have never been quite the same for the Pacific Northwest USA city which is surrounded by water, mountains ranges and sprawling evergreen forests. Hollywood took notice of Seattle’s rising star, and Sleepless in Seattle, Frasier and Grey’s Anatomy quickly followed. It also has the accolade of being Washington State’s largest city, is home to a thriving tech industry and visitors seem to lap up Seattle’s formidable attractions such as the world-famous Space Needle, the lively Pike Place Market and beautiful Chihuly Garden as well as a slew of excellent coffeehouse, parks and museums all framed by an incredible skyline of shiny skyscrapers and the distant peak of Mount Rainier. Forgot Sleepless in Seattle this is coolness in Seattle…and if

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