Top 4 island paradises of Lake Malawi

Malawi is a hidden gem in Africa that is fast emerging as a complete tourist destination, offering safaris, scenery, beaches and rich cultural experiences. But the jewel in the crown of Malawi’s tourist attractions is Lake Malawi – the Rift Valley’s ‘Lake of Stars’. Home to the world’s first freshwater National Park and covering a third of the country, Lake Malawi is the third largest lake in Africa. Although a lake of crystal clear fresh water, its size and depth gives it a sea-like appearance, with one side rarely visible from the other, and a shoreline of idyllic golden sandy beaches lapped by gentle waves. The Lake is a real-life aquarium, home to up to 1000 species of brightly coloured tropical fish, many unique to the Lake. That’s more species than all the lakes and rivers of Europe and North America put together! Far from hiding away, these fish will

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