Top 5 adventure activities in Malawi (beyond safaris)

Although visitors look to most African destinations primarily for their safari experiences, there are plenty of other great outdoor and water-based adventure activities on offer, and Malawi is one country that has a surprisingly wide choice of activities available to enjoy despite its relatively small size.

The calm, clear waters of Lake Malawi are a great lure and there is plenty of opportunity to experience the lake more closely – either on it or in it. Thankfully, though, despite all the leisure activities, the most common sight on the lake is still that of a fisherman in a dugout canoe! The main lakeshore hotels and lodges have most activities on offer either directly or through specialist water sports operators. Prices are not unreasonable and whilst advance booking is advisable, it’s not always necessary. Elsewhere, Malawi’s diverse and lush forested highlands offer wonderful terrain and scenery to explore on

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