Top 5 beach clubs in Mallorca

You may be quite happy rocking up to the beach, spreading your towel on the sand and basking in the sun with the minimum of fuss. All well and good. On the other hand you might, from time to time, crave a little luxury and a more sophisticated visit to the beach. In that respect the beach club experience wins hands down and can provide the facilities to make a pleasant day at the beach a great day at the beach. Here are five options on the wonderful island of Mallorca.

Grand Follies, Cala Lamp

The Grand Follies is situated in a natural bay with steep sided cliffs surrounding and embracing the club, giving it a cosy ambience. It’s a beautiful setting and is hard to beat if you like the spectacular. The luxury pads set into the cliffs are feats of engineering that have you marvelling at the skill

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