Top 5 books about the history of Barcelona

Through books about Barcelona, you will be able to find out the secrets of the city that guides and review pages rarely tell you. The writers, enticed by the beauty of Catalonia´s capital, show the reader a new perspective about the city of Barcelona. Why not dedicate time to books about the city, in order to make your stay in Barcelona that little bit more magical?

1. The world famous “La sombra del viento”

It is worthwhile starting a fascinating journey around the world of literature dedicated to Barcelona with a book that was written in 2001 by Carlos Luis Zafon. Many positive reviews and impressive volumes of sale make it possible to consider “La Sombra del viento” as one of the best books about the history of Barcelona.

Critics sometimes try to challenge the literary value of a book, but there is no doubt that what Zafon achieved

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