Top 5 courses for a luxury ladies’ golf trip in Scotland

Although it has a reputation for being a man’s sport, golf has also been a great sport for women. Ladies have been playing golf since it was popularized 500 years ago. In fact, Mary Queen of Scots is considered the mother of golf, and played often to release the stress of trying to claim her throne. She was once suspected of the murder of her husband because she went to play a round too soon after his untimely death.

Of course, some courses still forbid women to play, and there are some where women are allowed but may not feel totally comfortable. As an expert in planning the perfect golf adventure for men and women alike, I’ve compiled a list of the best courses for a luxury ladies’ golf getaway in Scotland.

Cruden Bay Golf Club

Designed by Old Tom Morris of St. Andrews fame, Cruden Bay’s Championship Course is

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