Top 5 day hikes in the Columbia Valley, Canada

Top 5 day hikes in the Columbia Valley, Canada By on Sep 15, 2021 in Canada, North America, Regions

With literally hundreds of impressive hikes all throughout BC’s Columbia Valley – and the adjoining mountain ranges – it can be difficult to zone in the on the right one, for the right person, on the right day. Many of the spectacular alpine vistas that are used for marketing the region require at least one long, strenuous day of hiking, and in some cases – multiple days. Fortunately for us, there are some exceptionally stunning hikes that can be easily be enjoyed as day hikes – with remarkably rewarding views. Here are my top 5 day hikes in the Columbia Valley.

1. Silver Basin, Bugaboo Provincial Park

This has my vote for being the more rewarding day hike in the region. Located inside the world famous Bugaboo

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