Top 5 family friendly hikes in the Columbia Valley, Canada

There are so many wonderful hikes to be done yet so many of them require a good fitness level, hiking experience and the ability to cover distances that can be challenging for the young, injured and elderly. Ultimately, fewer older and younger individuals feel that they cannot approach hiking as a recreation and end up not doing it at all. In reality there are many great hikes that cover shorter distances and lead to great vistas, making them good choices for inclusive family hiking. Here are our top 5 family friendly hikes in the Columbia Valley, Canada.

The Old Coach Trail – Deja Vu

This should be the immediate `go to` for toddlers, young children or those that have distance as a limiting factor for hiking. Relatively flat throughout and just 1km each way, this trail winds you through beautiful arid pathways with the Rocky Mountains at your back and

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