Top 5 festivals of Bhutan

Top 5 festivals of Bhutan By on Apr 25, 2023 in Asia, Bhutan, Events, Regions, Travel Miscellany

Bhutan is regarded as the sole remainder of the Himalayan Kingdom with deeply rooted culture and tradition. The Kingdom famed for its lush natural beauty, rich culture and historical attractions is the guardian of some of the most sacred and pristine places in the world. When visiting Bhutan, travelers embark on a multifaceted adventure.

As the last Vajrayana Buddhist in the world, travelers can witness an array of festivals of Bhutan that showcases its cultural tapestry and beliefs.

Here are the top 5 festivals of Bhutan that would be a shame to miss.

Thimphu Tshechu Festival

The Thimphu Tshechu is one of the Tshechu festivals dedicated to Padmasambhava, a central figure in the transmission of Buddhism throughout the Himalayas. It is an example prime festivals in Bhutan and is

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