Top 5 most amazing hotels to put on your bucket list

By on Oct 04, 2020 in Accommodation, Africa, Chile, Fiji, Hotels, Madagascar, North America, Oceania, Regions, South Africa, South America, USA, Utah

During these troubled times in which the world and especially the tourism industry is finding itself, we can’t ignore the fact that the longer this crisis is taking, the more we are dreaming of those ultimate holidays. And who can blame us, I mean, how many regret not taking that extra trip earlier this year, or putting that long awaited dream holiday on the long run, only to realise now, that we need to tick off those boxes on our bucket list instead of just adding them.

But because I’m a nice guy (depending on who you ask in my family) I gladly show you a few more epic places which you should consider visiting as soon as you get a chance. Consider it as a

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