Top 5 off the beaten path destinations in Ecuador

Ecuador has some fantastic places to visit, the world-famous Galapagos Islands, Yasuni National Park, and of course snowcapped volcanoes like Chimborazo and Cotopaxi. Although visiting these places can be rewarding for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts, there are many other places hidden in Ecuador’s small territory. That is why we have listed the best “off the beaten path” destinations for travelers who seek something different in Ecuador.

Cochasqui Archaeological Park

Cochasqui is the largest Pre-Incan archaeological site in all of Ecuador, built by the Caranqui culture. The site, with a remarkable view of the surrounding volcanoes, is thought to have served military and astrological purposes, and consists of 15 pyramids of different sizes, built with an access ramp, as well as many burial mounts found scattered in the area.

As one of the most important archeological treasures of Ecuador, Cochasqui is still being researched since there are many unanswered

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