Top 5 pieces of ski equipment to buy and not rent

Thanks to the advancement of well-stocked and user-friendly rental shops in ski resorts world wide, it is no longer necessary to lug heavy and cumbersome ski equipment with us on our travels. Some skiers may opt to travel with their own ski boots, but overall travelling lighter and not being weighed down by ski hardware is appealing, and makes the need to purchase equipment over renting it far less needed than it once was. That said, there are still several items that should remain on the `purchase` list; be it pre-trip or at the rental shops (which will have a retail section). So – here are the top 5 pieces of ski equipment that you should buy instead of rent.

1. Base layer

I am yet to find a rental shop that will rent out base layers. As you can imagine, the reason for this is one of personal hygiene,

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