Top 5 places in Asia to reconnect in 2021

Have you been feeling isolated and lonely in lockdown? Recent times have emphasized how important human connection is. Left with only yourself for company, have you deepened your connection with yourself or binged on the latest boxsets? As travel resumes, long-anticipated adventures await and what better way to reconnect with friends and family than a healthy holiday in Asia?


Well known for its spiritually uplifting yoga and meditation retreats, Bali is a beautiful place to relax, enjoy some tropical sun, and explore stunning rice fields and Hindu temples. It’s a fantastic destination to restore health and wellness outdoors, with almost year-round sunshine. If you’re desperate to travel with friends and create some memorable moments, retreats such as Escape Haven’s ‘Refresh Yoga’ program are perfect. They are women-only retreats catering to ladies who want to enjoy their time on the island, practising yoga, mindfulness and eating super healthy cuisine. The

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