Top 5 places to visit in quintessential France

Top 5 places to visit in quintessential France By on Oct 04, 2021 in Europe, France, Regions, Western Europe

Home to globally influential cuisine, art, and architecture, France is awash with iconic cultural treasures and natural wonders. With an abundance of hidden gems dotted around the country, this ultimate romantic destination is guaranteed to leave you enamoured. Join in on an enchanting journey through the top five places to discover quintessential France.

1. Explore the fascinating history and natural beauty of Normandy

Famous for D-Day and a coastline home to over 80 sites that became prominent during World War II, Normandy is the perfect place for learning about European History and the world’s largest invasion by sea. Nature and culture lovers also have plenty to explore – marvel at the influential Bayeux Tapestry up close and relive the story of the famous Normandy conquest, sea

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