Top 5 reasons to visit Selous

Whilst gliding through one of the waterways that meander through Africa’s largest game reserve, you could be mistaken into thinking you’re in the heart of the Okavango Delta. With pods of hippos bubbling and buffalo wallowing, the myth that only Botswana produces such an iconic water experience is dispelled. Tucked into the South East of Tanzania and spanning over fifty thousand square kilometres, there is a network of permanent waterways that indicate the Selous Game Reserve.

When most people think of Tanzania, the first area that comes to mind is the Serengeti. Infamous for the Great Migration of wildebeest, people from all over the world flock to see this spectacle. Next to the Serengeti you have the equally famous Ngorongoro Crater which is labelled as one of the best places to see the ‘Big 5’. What many people don’t realise though is that Tanzania is home to far

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