Top 5 ski resorts for Michelin-starred restaurants

Like a moth to a flame, restauranteurs are inclined to go where the money is. It makes sound business sense. There’s no point opening a swish establishment and employing a top rated chef if the clientele isn’t there to support the venture. It’s no surprise then that most of the Michelin starred restaurants happened to have found a home in Courchavel 1850, arguably the wealthiest ski resort in the Alps.

The Russian’s have recently played a big part in making 1850 the resort, in terms of affluence and prosperity. As a consequence 1850 boasts no less than 6 Michelin starred eateries, two of them being 3 starred. Further down the pecking order, St Moritz, another extremely wealthy resort. St Moritz is old money but nevertheless runs Courcheval a close 2nd in terms of starred restaurants, with an impressive six, four of which are 2 starred. If you’re feeling flush

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