Top 5 souvenirs to get only in Iceland

Iceland is a country known for being hewn from Ice and Fire. Mountainous glaciers erupt in fountains of lava, towering cliffs give way to miles of black sand beaches and everywhere you turn, vistas offer views like nowhere else in the world. In the last decade, Iceland has used its incredible nature to become one of the hottest (and coldest!) travel destinations in the world.

Now that Iceland is on everyone’s map, the luxury market is catching up with a number of name-brand shops on Laugavegur, the main pedestrian-friendly shopping thoroughfare in the capital city of Rekjavik. Though for the distinguished traveler, there remain a few one-of-a-kind souvenirs to be had while you’re in the land of ice and fire. Here are the top 5 souvenirs you can find only in Iceland.

For the distinguished horophile

Almost hidden among the large shops dotting Laugavegur is the J.S. Watch Company.

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