Top 5 spas and wellness centers in and around Vienna

Ever thought of restoring your health in cake paradise Vienna? While Austria’s capital is famous for adding a few extra calories few travellers are aware that Wien and surroundings host top health oases. Here are the best 5 spas and wellness centers to balance out the sweet life.

Sacher Boutique Spa

Vienna’s legendary hotel and home of the Sacher Torte knows how to turn temptation around. Its signature chocolate treatments work completely calory-free. Instead of Sacher’s sponge cakes guests themselves get wrapped in liquid chocolate rich antioxidants. Cocoa beans and chocolate masks peel and massage until the skin radiates. In addition to beauty treatments Sacher’s day spa offers a top equipped fitness center, a salt steam room (great for fighting colds) and a Finnish sauna. Another advantage is you don’t necessarily need to stay at the hotel to access the day spa.

Aisawan Boutique Spa

This Asian day spa

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