Top 5 things to do in Franschhoek, South Africa

Franschhoek Valley in Western Cape (South Africa) is one of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet. Flanked by the Huguenot Mountains and awash with clear streams running past rolling verdant vineyards, Franschhoek is about as picturesque as a small town can get. The people are inviting, it’s quiet, it’s safe to walk everywhere, and there are even a few hip eateries springing up thanks to the enthusiastic investments of Mr. Singh (owner of Leeu House and several other new establishments).

Savvy travellers flock to Franschhoek by the thousands in season, and South Africans spend weekends enjoying picnics on the sunny lawns of its many wine farms. There are literally thousands of options for sleep, play, dining, and of course wine tasting.

This article helps narrow down the various options. Check out our locally curated ‘Top 5’ things to do in Franschhoek and get ready to enjoy the best of

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