Top 7 local mountain dishes

One of the benefits of a few hours skiing is the healthy appetite that you tend to work up. Any regular skier knows that such an energetic activity is going to require a pit stop, sooner or later. When you start to wilt a little, thoughts turn to where to pull up for lunch. A tasty treat or two goes a long way to filling the tank for the second half. The tasty treats below will ensure your tyres are pumped and your tank is full to enable you to fill the remaining time before apres ski. Below are seven of the best refuelling options. All hearty fare, I recommend trying each one at least seven times before settling on your own favourite.

1. Tartiflette

Tartiflette was a stroke of culinary genius from the Haute-Savoie. Thinly sliced potatoes layered with smoky lardons, caramelised onions and the finest melted Reblochon cheese. The name

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