Top events for art lovers in Costa Rica

Although Costa Rica may be best known for its green forests, blue oceans, and orange sunsets, its art community draws from a whole palette of colors to create one of the most vibrant scenes in Central America. Due to its relative affluence in comparison to its neighbors, Costa Rica has an ever-growing group of students, professional artists, and others with a creative bent that are dedicated full- or part-time to expressing themselves through art. It also has an active Ministry of Culture, which sponsors classes, festivals, organizations, and more, as it fulfills the vision of former Costa Rican president Jose Figueres Ferrer, who asked, “Why have tractors without violins? (¿Para qué tractores sin violines?)”

With this activity comes a variety of events for art lovers, both those visiting the country for a short time and those who live there. Here are some of our favorites.

Arts Festival (Festival de las

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