Top outdoor activities in and around Barcelona

Barcelona’s excellent weather and lively atmosphere makes it the perfect destination for those wanting to participate in an array of outdoor activities. From horseback riding through Costa Brava to kayaking in Mont-Rebei Gorge, there’s an activity for every family, couple, and solo traveller wanting to experience more of Catalonia’s outdoors. Let’s have a look at a few of our favourite activities!


Golf is a sport that embodies the true essence of luxury, and with numerous incredible courses dotted along Barcelona’s coastline, there’s truly no finer destination to indulge in this sport.

Considered as one of the best activities for stress and anxiety relief, golf stands out as an ideal option for those seeking a serene Mediterranean getaway. With its emphasis on mental focus over physical exertion, it appeals to individuals of all ages. Additionally, golf is a rather versatile activity as

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