Top tipples of the Canary Islands

Top tipples of the Canary Islands By on Oct 21, 2021 in Europe, Food and Drink, Regions, Spain, Travel Miscellany, Western Europe

The Canary Islands are not just renowned for their perennial sunshine, endless beaches and dramatically volcanic landscape, it is also famed for its sumptuous cocktails and wines. To savour the full essence of The Canary Islands, sampling some of the finest cocktails and wines is a must! So, why not leave the beer at home and try something a little more exotic.

Here, courtesy of Hello Canary Islands, we have listed the top Canarian tipples of choice.

Gin 72

Created in Fuerteventura, Gin 72, is refreshingly fruity with a hint of spice, guaranteed to evoke that summery soiree feeling. Crafted in artisanal style, ingredients include black gin, ink pepper, coriander, sage, passion fruit, lime and lemon. In fact, Gin 72 boasts 16 ingredients in

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