Travel and Developing A Daily Routine

9 years ago, still early in my travels, I wrote an article about the Paradox of Travel Blogging. Basically, you can be out exploring or you can be in front of your computer working, but you can’t do both. I dubbed it Gary’s Paradox, because who doesn’t like naming stuff after themselves, amirite??

While smartphones and social media apps have lessened this somewhat, the fundamental truth of what I wrote 9 years ago still applies today. Travel and work are fundamentally incompatible. You can work away from home, but you can’t work while being out and about doing the things.

Tangential to the subject of working and traveling is being able to have a daily routine.

One of the great parts of traveling is that every day is a new adventure.

One of the downsides of traveling is that the daily new adventure makes it almost impossible to develop a

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