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The dawning of a New Year brings the opportunity to consider a host of exciting travel plans for 2020. Whether impassioned by a spirit for adventure or a long-term wanderlust, exploratory experiences are becoming a bucket list headline.  Far flung destinations, perhaps not previously considered, are becoming far more accessible and a voyage of discovery on the water can offer a fantastic chance for immersive fulfillment.


Boasting raw nature amidst a spectacular network of fjords and islets, the treasures found in Patagonia’s waterways are incomparable. In the most southerly part of the South American continent, this is a landscape of contrasts where the western coast is strewn with dense, temperate rainforests while the eastern plains are conversely flat and arid. Most striking the high Patagonian Andes, with deeply carved glacial fjords and valleys, home to the Patagonian Icefields. Sail into the heart of the Alacafules National Park, where

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