Travel inspiration: The best of Vietnam

Vietnam is a country bursting with flavours of more than one sort. Beautiful architecture meets crumbling ancient structures, picturesque rice terraces flow through the valley like rolling waves and the cities radiate a chaotic yet captivating atmosphere. Vietnam provides travellers with stunning countryside, unassuming beaches and a delightful assortment of food. So if you like your holiday packed with new adventures, plenty of history and enough variety to be wowed at every turn, then look no further than this southeast Asian gem. Here are our top recommendations for a trip to Vietnam.

Sail around Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one of the most popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Vietnam. Located on the northern coast, the area consists of soaring limestone islets sat upon calm water which is bursting with marine life. The unique formations of the rock, the lush green foliage that covers them and the stunning blue

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