#Travel Local – The importance of Asia’s domestic tourism during the pandemic

Along with other business sectors that have been forced into indefinite stagnation, the fate of Asia’s travel and tourism industry lies in the balance between the need to contain the virus and the need to restart the economy. And it is this particular dilemma that has the entire world under complete tension. All the while, standing right behind these monumental gates await the flocks of travellers looking to refill their need for new landscapes and their longing for new experiences. 

According to the World Economic Forum data for 2019, Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing Travel and Tourism region, an industry supporting the livelihood of some 35 million people. For Thailand, a country with the highest share in tourism employment in Southeast Asia, the risk is particularly immense. And it does not help that China, the very source of the outbreak, is its largest tourism market.

However, it has also

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