Travel Photography Academy Webinar: Photographing People with Darlene Hildebrandt

Every month over at the Travel Photography Academy, we do a travel photography webinar with a professional photographer, interviewing them with an eye on their type of photography, what they would share with beginning photographers no matter their focus, and talking about how they get some of their best shots.

Usually, the webinars are only available to the public when they are live. This time we decided to offer up the entire webinar to the public.

This month, I hosted Darlene Hildebrandt and she graciously agreed to join our webinar on photographing people. Darlene’s specialty is photographing people both in natural lighting in their native environments.

Listen to these tips and more in the webinar.

We’ve compiled some shots that Darlene talked about in the interview below.

Darlene is the creator of Digital Photo Mentor where she releases weekly photography articles. If you sign up for the newsletter

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