Travel tips – how to pack your life into a carry on

Any traveller with decent mileage under their belt will advise you to avoid checked in bags whenever possible. They are bulky, they usually cost additional fees to board the plane, and there is also the possibility to lose these bags due to unforeseen circumstances at some of the airports during your travel.

The perks of taking only carry-ons on your trips include:

No more waiting for your clumsy checked in bags over thirty minutes at the conveyor belt. Meaning your trips can start earlier Less weight overall to carry around. If you’re a heavy packer however, your carry-on can reach just as much weight as a checked in bag All of your essential items are within your grasp right when you need them Make sure that your luggage meets carry-on standards

This can go without saying, but many backpackers have made the mistake of taking what seemed like a

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