Travel Writer Harriet Baskas

“It’s that thing of following your bliss or just finding what it is that makes you really pleased in a day. And then how to make that fit in the world.” ~ Harriet Baskas

You’ll hear in our conversation a list of Harriet’s accomplishments but, in short, you should know that Harriet is a successful travel writer who has consistently written for a number of publications—and that’s both on and offline—for many years. In addition to writing more traditional travel stories, she’s carved out a niche for herself in an area of interest that one might call a little bit quirky.

In her quiet, unassuming way, she’s held steadfast in her career by following what she loves, she calls it following her bliss.

As I think about the conversations I’ve had with women for this podcast, there’s definitely a recurring theme. These women are bucking trends. Whether what they do

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