Traveling Mom’s Top 11 Road Trip Fails

At Traveling Mom, “we’ve been there.” Being there means you also have to get there, so we’ve been on our share of road trips! Along the way we’ve made a mistake or two. We’re sharing our road trip fails to help your next adventure go more smoothly. See you on the road!

The Ford Fusion Sport helps prevent many road trip fails. Photo by Dia Adams, Travel Hack Traveling Mom

Vomiting valet? We’ve been there. Nursing at 65MPH? Been there. XXX movie marathon on our cell phone bill? We’ve been there, too!

I’ve done the drive between DC and Florida six times in the past year and have had my share of fails, too. Twice I waited until after midnight to try to book a hotel room for the next exit and realized that online sites are now in the NEXT day- not the actual time you need the room!

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