Uganda: A Wonderland Full of Wildlife and Adventure


To be bitten by wanderlust might be a wondrous thing, but it is true that not all who travel choose to wander the same lands. Some prefer the mountains while some answer the call of the sea. And while some find themselves in the depths of the darkest woods, others prefer sun-scorched deserts. But there is one dream all of those travellers have in common and it the dream of an African adventure. And all of these fantastic dreams come alive on a Uganda adventure tour. Where the emerald depths are filled with the cries of strange and colourful birds and where the shadows take beastly shapes. Such is the African dream.

Watch over 400 wild and grand mountain gorillas majestically roam their natural habitat. Crash down the foamy white Niles in a river raft and scale the snowy mountain peaks of Rwenzori mountains. From shimmering lakes to

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