Unique places to stay in South Africa

Unique places to stay in South Africa By on May 16, 2021 in Accommodation, Africa, Hotels, Rail Travel, Regions, Resorts, South Africa, Speciality Travel

South Africa is one of those destinations that has everything to offer for travellers, irrelevant if they are looking for culture, natural wonders, history or even culinary delights. It does’t matter how many times you’ve visited this stunning country, there is always more to explore, more to experience and certainly more to learn. Those who have been will know it’s hard not to fall in love with South Africa and why shouldn’t you, after all it’s a place where everything is possible, and certainly when it comes to luxury travel. I’ve listed 5 of my favourite places to stay, all in different regions just to show you there’s not a single area where you can’ indulge yourself into

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