Unpopular Opinion: I Didn’t Enjoy My Overland Tour of South Africa

When I was considering booking an overland tour of South Africa, I had some doubts. First of all, I generally dislike tours as I find them restrictive and rushed. When I travel, I like lots of free time to explore as I please; tours don’t usually allow for that.

But when I confessed my concerns to a very well-traveled friend she said, “Don’t worry, you’ll love it. I did an overland trip through southern Africa for two months and I had a blast.”

When I turned to the internet for guidance, the reviews of overland travel in Africa were overwhelmingly positive. So I decided to book a nine-day overland tour of South Africa.

Unfortunately, I didn’t love my overland tour. By the end of the trip, I never wanted to set foot on a bus again.

But first, what exactly is overlanding?

Overlanding quite literally means you travel over

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