Vang Vieng – Laos’ misunderstood paradise

The once sleepy backwater on located on the popular South East Asia tourist trail now has the title of “tubing capital of the world”, it’s also a popular place with party goers. Although is it there still much more to Vang Vieng? Our guest blogger Gilad Gamliel from Anxious and visited to find out…

Ask any backpacker who’s been to Southeast Asia about Vang Vieng, and they’ll know exactly what to tell you about – wasted twenty-somethings careening downriver on inner tubes, liquored up all-night parties, and cheap Western restaurants playing VCR’s of “Friends” on loop. There’s no doubt that the small town of only 25,000 people has developed a tourist reputation within the past decade. Stories of drunk tourist deaths on the banks of the Nam Song River have permeated almost all parts of  Southeast Asia. But there’s another far gentler side of Vang Vieng that remains often unexplored, unfortunately making

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