Vegan luxury luggage essentials

Normally we’d be writing about vegan food, travel and vegan friendly luxury hotels but it’s probably time we let you into a little secret, and that’s our obsession with luggage. That’s right, we really love bags, wallets, purses and all kinds of packing accessories with quite some passion, but it’s a pleasure that we’ve often found hard to indulge as vegans. Until now…

Being vegan isn’t just about eating plant based food; it’s a lifestyle that means avoiding all animal derived products, or indeed products that have been tested on animals. We’ve been lucky enough to stay at some of the finest vegan friendly hotels and resorts in recent years (and we’ve eaten some delicious plant based food whilst doing so). Many of these hotels go that extra mile by supplying bathroom amenities that are vegan friendly, bedding that is feather free and cruelty free spa treatments for their guests.

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